FA Cup Third Round – Back The Top 30 At Home

A powerful methodology is to back all the best 30 groups, for example those in the Premiership and top 10 of the Championship, against sides from outside the main 30. This undeniable methodology of sponsorship the more grounded groups in the country against more fragile adversaries has created a success rate in abundance of 70%.

This compares to chances of roughly 2/5 and there is added esteem in this procedure if that normal is surpassed by the coupon chances in all the main 30 groups with a home tie against resistance from outside the best 30.

In the Cup, a considerable lot of the enormous groups are presented at a lot more limited chances than 2/5, so this is a high marking system which will speak to the “large hitters” more than the normal punter, yet it is a methodology that works.

In the 2003/04 season, the main 30 sides had a sum of 15 home matches against groups from outside the best 30 during the FA Cup. They were as per the following:

Third Round

Millwall @ 1.91 versus Walsall. Result: 2-1

Portsmouth @ 1.32 versus Blackpool. Result: 2-1

Tottenham Hotspur @ 1.51 versus Crystal Palace. Result: 3-0

Sunderland @ 1.42 versus Hartlepool. Result: 1-0

Middlesbrough @ 1.23 versus Notts County. Result: 2-0

Ipswich @ 1.56 versus Derby County. Result: 3-0

Fulham @ 1.15 versus Cheltenham. Result: 2-1


Bolton @ 1.36 versus Tranmere. Result: 1-2 AET

Wolves @ 1.23 versus Kidderminster. Result: 2-0

Chelsea @ 1.15 versus Watford. Result: 4-0

Fourth Round

Portsmouth @ 1.23 versus Scunthorpe. Result: 2-1

Birmingham @ 1.33 versus Milton Keynes. Result: 1-0

Fifth Round

Millwall @ 1.79 versus Burnley. Result: 1-0

Sheffield Utd @ 1.41 versus Colchester. Result: 1-0

Quarter Final

Millwall @ 1.56 versus Tranmere. Result: 0-0

As should be obvious, 13 of the 15 matches delivered wins for the higher situated groups with two matches finishing as a draw following an hour and a half. Utilizing the above chances as an aide and 10 level stakes, a benefit of 32.40 would have been accomplished utilizing this system. คาสิโนมาแรง

The figures propose the hole between the best 30 and the rest is enlarging and on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret backing groups at short costs, this technique could demonstrate productive for the third round this season where 10 matches have been distinguished as follows:

Fulham @ 1.28 versus Leyton Orient

Sunderland @ 1.28 versus Northwich

Blackburn @ 1.44 versus QPR

Chelsea @ 1.05 versus Huddersfield

Manchester City @ 1.20 versus Scunthorpe

Newcastle @ 1.12 versus Mansfield

Preston @ 1.57 versus Crewe

Sheff Utd @ 1.44 versus Colchester

Stir up @ 1.30 versus Tamworth

Wolves @ 1.72 versus Plymouth

One more method for seeing this is it is once in a while worth restricting the best 30 groups at home in case you are searching for “shock results”, as even the odds of a draw are very thin.

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