Freestyle Football

Freestyle Football, Football Freestyle… it’s the same thing. Some people prefer to call it football freestyle, others freestyle football. Freestyle is to entertain a crowd with different football tricks, they can be performed from standing position with your legs or upper body, from sitting position or even lying down. There is no inventor of the sport since it has been around for years and years. The first football freestyle moves I have seen is from the 1930’s. It was an amazing juggling artists who was doing a lot of freestyle moves. One move he did that I have not seen anyone today pull of is to do headers (juggling with your head) with two balls.

Other say that Maradona was the inventor of freestyle as he was always playing around with the ball and doing juggling skills. It’s impossible to say who was first with the sport, but I would rather put it this way… People have been doing juggling tricks forever, ever since the ball was invented. Everyone who have been doing tricks are an inventor of football freestyle. For every trick out there the sport got closer to what it is today. And every juggler have given inspiration to another juggler and then there have been new tricks this way. บอลฟีฟ่าได้เงิน

The term of football freestyle have only been around for a couple of years though. It have not always been a sport, and some people doesn’t consider it to be a sport today either. It is a competitive sport which is amazing to watch. To me freestyle is a show and an art, a juggling art. Freestyle can be done by single performers but also in teams of several performers. If there is a choreographer and some talented freestylers they can make an amazing show that will attract a lot of people.

Sum up: Football freestyle is pure juggling from the beginning, but as the time passed it grew into an sport and the sport got the name “football freestyle”. Today freestyle is bigger then it ever have been, but it’s far from big. Hopefully those amazing ball jugglers will soon go in to a time where freestyle gets big, really big!


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