The 10 Best Players in English Football

What a fantastic selection of players we have to choose from. I will only use players from the British Isles because a list with Zola, Bergkamp, Henry, Drogba, Ronaldo, etc, would make depressing reading for a British football fan!


My ten players are chosen for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they were simply a class above everyone else.


Bobby Moore


Being born in 1961 I am a little too young (never thought I’d say that!) to remember Bobby in his heyday. He was a little slow by the time I was watching him, but he still absolutely oozed class. His positioning, reading of the game and use of the ball was second to none in the history of our football. Add to that the fact that he was the World cup winning captain, and Pele described him as his hardest opponent and you can’t argue with his inclusion on the list. พนันแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด


George Best


George was a mercurial genius. He could do things with the ball that mere mortals could only dream of. He would beat a defender and then stop to allow him to get back so that he could beat him again. It doesn’t bear thinking about how good he would have been without the drink, drugs, and fags.


Paul Gascoigne


Another wayward star like Bestie. There really is a thin dividing line between genius and madness. Gascoigne was the finest midfielder Britain has seen for many years. With a drop of the shoulder he would leave opponents for dead even without possessing blistering pace. His range of passing was phenomenal and he scored spectacular goals. Who can forget the tears at Italia 90 and the goal against Scotland at Euro 96.


John Barnes


Digger Barnes never really produced the goods for England other than that one wonder goal in Brazil. Anyone who saw him play for Watford or Liverpool would not argue with the fact that he was one of the best. I saw his debut as a seventeen year old and he was the most exciting youngster I ever saw, including Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen. His ability to beat a player and deliver an inch perfect cross was shown to perfection in the world cup quarter final against Argentina in 1986, when he nearly rescued the game for us. Later in his career, when he slowed down, he became an exceptionally cultured midfield player.


Denis Law


His record speaks for itself. 227 goals in 485 appearances for five clubs and 30 international goals for a poor Scotland side in 55 internationals. I remember my beloved Watford playing Manchester United in an FA cup game in 1969. The Watford keeper Micky Walker was interviewed afterward and he said that every time he got the ball he looked up and Law was standing right in front oh him. He really was the ultimate predator.


Ryan Giggs


Giggsy has made over five hundred appearances for Manchester United in a career going back to 1990. He seems to be going from strength to strength and has a few more games left in him yet. He has scored one hundred goals and has reinvented himself from being a flying winger, to a cultured midfield player, to a lively striker, and now an effective hard working wide player again. He is a great role model, never involved in controversy. A true great.


Gordan Banks


Gordan was the best goalkeeper ever. Fact. He rarely made spectacular saves because his expert positioning was such that he didn’t have to. Nobody will ever forget the save from Pele’s header in 1970, and we all believe that if he had stayed fit for the quarter final that year, England would be two times world cup winners.


Rio Ferdinand


I know this may be a controversial choice because Rio has many critics. For me, he is currently the best defender in the world, and fully deserves his place on this list. He is a fine marker, good the air, useful on the ball, and has exceptional pace. What more do you want from a defender?


Gary Lineker


Squeaky clean Gary was never booked. He scored an astonishing 244 goals in 462 games for five clubs including the great Barcelona. In international football he scored 48 goals in 80 games, making him the second highest scorer ever, behind Bobby Charlton, who scored one goal more but played over twenty more games. He won the golden boot at the World cup in 1986 and scored the goal that nearly took us to the final in 1990. He was a great striker.


Paul Scholes


Scholesy is a wonderful player who never loses possession. He receives the ball in tight situations yet is able to give himself time. He has always scored goals and has been sorely missed by England since retiring from international football. He has more awareness of what is going on around him than any player I have ever seen.




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