Youth Football Quarterback Drills To Improve Your Passing Techniques

I’m a previous NFL Quarterback, and I have some extraordinary quarterback preparing drills to discuss today. These young qb drills will assist with further developing portability, ball security and their reaction to different circumstances that surface over the span of a game.

Drill #1. Voyager

This is a phenomenal drill for ball security. Quarterbacks work the football in a round movement around their head, under their arms, around their midsection, around their knees, around every knee, weaving through their legs lastly “playing get” between their legs.

The mentor yell orders of which body part the ball rotates around- – typically beginning with the head and working downwards. Mentors additionally yell the order “turn around” which alters the course the ball is pivoting. This ought to be done various occasions.

The drill closes with five ‘drops’- – the quarterback failing and afterward getting it. This is finished with five drops with the force hand and five drops with the random.

Drill #2. Throw clear and alternative drill

Set up a line of quarterbacks holding footballs with the mentor in the “Running/Pitch Back” position. The mentor ought to be in a situation behind and out of the way of the quarterback- – where a running back would get a throw clear or a choice pitch. ทัวร์ยุโรป

The quarterback faces from the mentor/running back in a position where he would be taking a snap from focus. Quarterback inverts out and executes a throw clear to the mentor. (This recreates either a throw clear or a fast pitch play.)

You then, at that point move to the opposite side until all have executed the pitch. Then, at that point the starting quarterback again executes the pitch to the mentor and any remaining quarterbacks follow till all have executed a pitch both to one side and to one side.

Presently the quarterback executes a choice contribute a similar way. On the off chance that the kind of alternative your group runs has an inside or outside veer plunge counterfeit then this can be reenacted in the drill by the quarterback. In the choice period of the drill the mentor shouts “pitch” and the quarterback separates and executes a pitch venturing towards the “pitch” man/mentor.

Drill #3. Knee drill

Two quarterbacks start with their right knees on the ground, confronting each other ten yards separated. One quarterback has a fabulous time on the ground close to his right leg. The quarterback gets the ball with his force hand, puts the ball to his ear with his random likewise ready and tosses it to his accomplice quarterback opposite him. The accomplice QB gets the ball, places it on the ground and does the very same thing tossing the ball back.

The quarterbacks keep playing get as such while the mentor assists them with the better places of their tossing methods: driving with the tossing elbow, ball at ear and pointing first with wrist and afterward endless supply of the ball.

Drill #4. Three and Five Step drop and wave drill

Two quarterbacks start (one with a ball) confronting each other 15 yards separated. The mentor remains around seven yards from the quarterback with the ball. Quarterback with the ball faces the mentor in an “under focus” position.

The mentor provides an order and the quarterback executes a three-venture drop with his feet “hacking/terminating” on his third plant step. The mentor then, at that point gives visual bearings with his hands, (for example, further developing quarterback center by keeping eyes forward) and the quarterback executes a wave drill moving right, left, forward and back.

The quarterback with extremely short uneven advances just moves 2-3 feet in the drill toward every path. The last order by the mentor is to “toss” to the accomplice. The mentor then, at that point pivots and executes the drill with the accomplice quarterback.

Central issues of accentuation:

Stand tall.

Qb’s should make an exceptionally fast in his drop and with his foot development.

Ensure your head is continually forward the whole time watching the mentor. When finished, the drill can likewise be executed for a five or seven-venture drop.

Drill #5. Boot/Sprint out and toss

Two quarterbacks start (one with a ball) confronting each other 10 yards separated however amazed so one quarterback is 15 yards to one side of the quarterback with the ball. The mentor stands generally equidistant between the two quarterbacks.

The quarterback with the ball looks ahead in an “under focus” position. On the mentors’ order the quarterback executes a contraband, faking a handoff to one side, and afterward smuggling to one side and tossing the ball to his accomplice quarterback. The quarterback who just finished the toss gets back to his unique position. The mentor pivots and has the accomplice quarterback execute the drill.

When the boot stage is finished the quarterbacks total the drill utilizing run out procedures. Then, at that point the two quarterbacks move ten yards up field and pivot so they can execute the drill to one side. This proceeds until the mentor decides an adequate measure of redundancies have been finished.

Drill #6. Toss on the run drill

Two quarterbacks face each other 15 yards separated with one quarterback having a great time. As the quarterback with the ball starts “running” towards his accomplice, the accomplice retreats. The quarterback with the ball tosses the ball to his accomplice.

As his accomplice gets the ball he currently starts to run forward with the other qbnow back selling. The qb run and retreat as they play get with the football until the mentor decides an adequate measure of redundancies have been finished.


In these drills the mentor is working with the qbs on consummating their strategies in tossing, executing a throw clear or alternative pitch and setting up appropriate footwork. Unique consideration regarding the focal point of the eyes and footwork in these drills will do an incredible arrangement to work on the proficiency and speed of the qb’s.

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Todd Krueger is a previous NFL Quarterback that was an eighth round draft pick in 1980 by the Buffalo Bills. He additionally played with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Wranglers in the USFL.

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