The Seven Stages to a Town Planning Permit

Discover precisely what arranging controls apply to your property. Every property has a bunch of preparation controls that determine when an arranging grant is required.To discover what controls apply to your property you can:

Attempt a Planning Assessment through Hub Town Planning; or

Survey your website through Land Channel or Planning Schemes Online.

Configuration Brief

Center point Town Planning works intimately Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality with a few Architects and Designers who we have worked with over numerous years to present to you a total advancement bundle. Whenever we have set up the chances and requirements for your advancement site, we will work planning a structure envelope on which the last plan is based. This will control the statures, difficulties, mass and verbalization of the proposed improvement, guaranteeing that the last plan will accomplish an undeniable degree of consistence with the significant state and neighborhood strategies, including ResCode.


Pre-Application Meetings


We suggest no less than one pre-application meeting with a Council Planning official to talk about the proposition you mean to advance. Commitment and interview right off the bat in the arranging cycle is significant. By and large, we likewise suggest an instructions or data bundle be ready for your neighbors to think about their perspective. This regularly saves a ton of time later down the track if little changes can be made to address their interests right off the bat.


Stage 2 – Prepare and present the application


The data you need to incorporate will differ contingent upon what grant is required. In any case, by and large they include:


an application for an arranging license structure


a lodgement charge (by and large between $800 – $1,000 for a private turn of events)


A Planning Assessment Report


a current Certificate of Title


Duplicates of plans and drawings


Expert reports as required


Center point Town Planning can play a task the board job to deal with these prerequisites.


Stage 3 – Council checks the application


The Council’s Planning officials will check the application to ensure everything has been filled in accurately and all the necessary data has been incorporated.


In the event that more data is required, you will get a Request for Further Information. This might demonstrate regions where Council has worries with the proposition, or indicate data that is needed before a choice can be made.

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