Scoring 40 Points a Game in Youth Football

The appropriate response might be the Single Wing Offense, it has helped numerous adolescent groups wherever set up numbers like this. My own groups show ‘kindness dominated” more than 80% of our adversaries in the last 6 seasons utilizing this astonishing offense. Our record in fall football for these groups was an amazing 62-2.

In 2002 We put the Single Wing in no matter how you look at it with every one of the four of our age 8-10 groups. Our mentors had zero experience running this style of offense, yet we went a consolidated 38-8 that year and won 2 League Titles. The earlier year we had won 1 group Title and went a consolidated 19-27. The accompanying season our records were far and away superior as we improved at instructing. Youth Football turnarounds don’t need to require 4-5 years IMHO.

The best thing to do is get tightly to some young single wing video of a very much instructed group and see with your own eyes. In 2001 I got tightly to Eric Strutzes State Line Comets video. Eric was a somewhat youthful football trainer and had not played the game. His groups walked all over the field with what had all the earmarks of being normal youth football ability and normal to little measure. That sold me and afterward it was examination and experimentation time.

There are endless mentors that have had incredible achievement directly out of the door with the Single Wing Offense remembering a pack for my Testimonials page. แมทย์ใหญ่อีสปอร์ต   Be that as it may, ongoing survey I posed the inquiry of more than 50 Single Wing Youth Coaches:

What was your groups winning rate the principal year you ran the Single Wing offense?

90-100 – – – 16%

80-89 – – – – 21%

70-79 – – – 16%

60-69 – – – 21%

50-59 – – – 5%

40-49 – – – 5%

30-39 – – – 3%

20-29 – – – 8%

10-19 – – – 0%

0-9 – – – – 5%

So more than 53% of first year Single Wing groups in this survey won 70+ % of their games. Not awful by any means.

Just 23% had losing records.

Here are survey results for the inquiry: How hard was it for you to introduce the Single Wing Offense the First Year?

Simple, NO issue 46%

To some degree Easy-33%

Normal Level of Difficulty-15%

Troublesome 5%

Surrendered Impossible-5%

Straightforward, simple to place in and it wins, what more could you request?

Dave is a Nike “Mentor of the Year” Designate and talks cross country at Coaches Clinics. His book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan” was supported by Tom Osborne and Dave Rimington. His own groups u

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