College Football Week 7 – Kansas, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Nebraska All Get Exposed As Frauds

Just once you thought some sense of stability may need returned to school football during the halfway point of the season, any semblance belies the reality that a minimum of four more teams became frauds within the national title chase-Kansas, Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Nebraska.

Kansas had raced to an ideal 5-0 start. Virginia Tech lost its opener, Ohio State lost its second game, and Nebraska lost its third game. All three had lost a game and won the remainder to enter the sixth week with only a loss.

All four of those teams have now been drop-kicked out of the race for the national title, and therefore the worst of the bunch is that the Kansas Jayhawks who weren’t only drop-kicked but body slammed by an unranked, 1-4 Colorado team 34-30.

How could the Jayhawks, who were touted together of the simplest offensive teams within the country, get beaten by Colorado when Kansas ranked 4th nationally in scoring offense?

The truth is that Kansas built its 5-0 record and statistics on a sand castle that got washed away on a visit to Boulder. สมัครslot online  The Jayhawks amassed their perfect mark with wins against 195th-ranked, 1-AA Northern Colorado (1-5), 116th-ranked UTEP (2-4), 64th-ranked Duke (3-3), 76th-ranked Southern Mississippi (3-3), and 80th-ranked Iowa State (3-3).

Kansas came into the sport ranked 17th within the AP Top 25 Poll, but 29th by Sagarin and with a strength of schedule rated 129th among only 120 Division 1-A teams, meaning that Kansas’ 5 victories came against teams that amounted to 1-AA competition. No wonder they were 5-0. Colorado came in with a strength of schedule (SOS) rating of 33rd among the 120 1-A teams.

Kansas plummeted to 24th during this week’s AP Top 25 Poll and really shouldn’t be in any top 25 poll. After being exposed for what they’re , the Jayhawks don’t merit the respect it might make about the maximum amount sense at putting Colorado within the top 25 for beating them. The message is: neither team is that good.

Second worst on this week’s list of frauds is that the 7th-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, who seem to be over-rated and under-performed. The Buckeyes traveled to Purdue and lost 26-18 to a 2-5 Boilermaker team. Again, Purdue’s SOS was 23rd and Ohio State’s was 37th. No. 4-ranked Virginia Tech got beat by 19th-ranked Georgia Tech 28-23 on-the-road. These were two pretty good teams during a dogfight and therefore the Yellow Jackets stung the Hoakies. Georgia Tech is now 6-1 and Virginia Tech 5-2.

No. 15 Nebraska got swamped reception by unranked Texas Tech 31-10. The Cornhuskers dropped to 4-2, and Red Raiders one-upped them by getting to 5-2. If any of those four losers in the week haven’t figured it out, here may be a big clue-no national title game in your future. consider trying to win your conference championship because it’s the sole one you’re getting to see.

So if some teams are now dropping within the top 25, who is on the move upward? Here are five unranked winning teams that are possibilities:

Pittsburgh (6-1) on-the-road over Rutgers 24-7, Central Michigan (6-1) on-the-road over Western Michigan 34-23, West Virginia (5-1) reception over Marshall 24-7, Idaho (6-1) over Hawaii 35-23, and Michigan State (4-3) reception over Northwestern 24-14. regardless of how crummy you think that these five teams could also be , if they keep winning, each will find yourself within the top 25 before the season is out-you can attend the bank thereon .

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